Seller Terms & Conditions

These Seller Terms and Conditions (“Seller Terms and Conditions”) govern your sale of goods using the Services offered by Luxury Labels, LLC (“Luxury Labels” or “we” or “us”) via our SELL YOUR ITEM NOW button on our website only (  

You, the Seller/Consignor, represent and warrant that you are:  (i) At least eighteen (18) years of age and; (ii) The actual legal owner of any and all Item(s) sold or attempted to be sold to or consigned with Luxury Labels. 

Upon receipt of your Item, Luxury Labels will review your Item to confirm that it is authentic and that its condition is consistent with the description you provided in your original submission. 

Authentic Items in the Represented Condition. If Luxury Labels determines that your Item is authentic and in the condition described/represented in your original submission, Luxury Labels will issue payment to you for the Offer within 1-2 business days of receiving the Buyout Item(s).

Authentic Items in Different Condition. If Luxury Labels determines that your Item is authentic but not in the condition described in your original submission, Luxury Labels may refuse to accept your item or email you an updated Offer. Accessories (straps, locks and keys, pouchettes, etc.) that were expected but not shipped by you may also result in Luxury Labels delivering an updated Offer. If you accept Luxury Label’s updated Offer, then Luxury Labels will issue payment to you for the updated Offer. If you reject Luxury Labels updated Offer, then Luxury Labels will return the Buyout Item to you subject to a $75 return fee. Items not accepted due to undisclosed damage, alterations and/or repairs will also be subject to this fee.

Unauthentic Items. If Luxury Labels determines that your Buyout Item is not authentic, it shall have the right in its sole discretion to refuse to accept the Buyout Item. Luxury Labels shall notify you of such determination and you will be responsible for providing Luxury Labels with a prepaid/fully insured return shipping label at your sole expense plus a $150 service fee/per item. If you fail to provide a valid prepaid shipping label along with an applicable fee within one week of notification, Luxury Labels reserves the right to dispose or destroy your Item. 

Luxury Labels will issue payment for a Buyout Item once (a) Luxury Labels has received, assessed and authenticated the Buyout Item (typically within 24 hours, but no later than 2 business days after receiving Buyout Item(s)) and (b) you have accepted updated Buyout Offer (if applicable). Luxury Labels will issue your payment according to the payment method selected. 

Consignment period is 60 days and Consignor agrees for Items to remain with Luxury Labels for a full 60 day period to allow for proper marketing.  Items will not be returned until after 60 day period ends.  Items unsold after 60 day consignment period will be mailed back to Consignor at the expense of Luxury Labels.  Consignment period maybe extended if agreed by both parties and in writing.  Consignment payments will be processed on the 3rd of the following month after Item(s) have sold, but no sooner than (7) business days following the sale of Consignor’s item(s).  

Payments can be made via Zelle, Venmo, Paypal transfer, or used as a credit for future purchases at Luxury Labels.   Unless shipping label is provided by Luxury Labels, items lost in transit on the way to Luxury Labels, or otherwise lost before they are in Luxury Labels's physical possession, are the responsibility of the individual Seller/Consignor, and not of Luxury Labels.